Nov 19, 2004

Good day to all. Its been awhile since my last update and this will most likely be my last update for the year. Wonderful thanks as always to Cindy and Marie for providing updates. Sorry it took me so long ladies.

Some new stuff, some old. Also if I don't get a chance to say log on to my site or email:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS: Shorna, Brandy, Toni, Cindy, Becky, Marie, Cuervo, Andreas, Claudia, Marquita, and all my fellow Donas.


New Stuff: miscellaneous images from various magazines.

Marie-Chantal: images of her and kids showcasing her clothing line.

The Millers Sisters: small article with pics from Tatler.

Odysseus Kimon: images from PDV of the newest addition to the Greek Royal Family

On Vacation: Images and article from PDV and Hello just before the birth of the newest addition to the family.